I miss you touching me while I’m trying to cook I miss how casual our sex life was it was so cute I miss how unbelievably helplessly attracted I was to you. I wonder if anyone will ever look at you the way I did.

I miss the face you’d make when Id fuck you.

I do still love you and a part of me may always always always love you. A part of me wishes I didn’t go to bed that night you asked to fix my broken heart. I hope your life is filled with exactly what you want and I hope you find love. I wish we could have spoken in person one last time.

He put his wallet and keys and cigarettes in the same exact spot you used to put your wallet and keys and cigarettes and he pushed off his shoes in the exact same spot you used to put them in.

These things made me lose all feelings I had for him. Am I shallow?

I miss your heartbeat

If you asked me for back last night like you did the other day I would have said yes hahaha was gonna drive to come see you last night hahaha

Missing you

Missing you

I wanna text you I wanna call you I wanna drive 40 minutes to you I want to press the buzzer to your apartment I wanna take the elevator up to the fifth floor and see you standing there I wanna jump into your arms and kiss your shoulder kiss your neck your cheek your lips I want to look in your eyes I want to yell at you I want to slap you in the face then kiss it better and laugh fuck I want you so bad I miss you so much a part of me is gone without you I feel invisible I don’t feel whole I don’t feel right

Of all the boys I could kiss who want to kiss me, I just want to feel your lips again. It’s only been a few weeks but god damn I sure do miss the feel of your lips.

Maybe I’ll feel better if i fuck someone since all I can think about is your touch