I love you I love you I love you

but please stay out of my life you toxic fuck

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"You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word “sorry.”"

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I’m not a ~horny~ person but god damn that dream I had has got me in the mood. It literally ended right before we started having sex it was such bullshit. I need to get laid.

"I hope it doesn’t sound weird but I’m going to make sure not to lose you ever."

"I hope it doesn’t sound weird but I’m going to make sure not to lose you ever."

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"If it was meant to last, it would have."

Red (Orange Is The New Black)

Best words of advice ever said

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I couldn’t ever be myself around panda or even chris but oh my god this guy…. we’re the same exact person. We are both so vulgar and LOUD (of course he’s loud he’s cuban) he laughs like a hyena like I do and he likes getting drunk and just causing a ruckus. I get to be my weird self around him and he likes it. Why does he have to not live here. It’s only been a week and I can’t wait for the next month to go by so I can see him again 

The ultimate goal is to never fall in love again. Let’s get physical, but don’t you dare fall for me, and don’t you dare let me fall for you. 

In an Aries and Virgo relationship, both must make a conscious effort to learn from one another’s method, rather than letting their partner’s natural rhythm bother to the point of distraction.

This is why we didn’t work. It’s all in the universe. 

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Hearing that your dad died made all my bitterness toward you fade away and all I want is to be there for you but you have her now and you actually love her unlike me. We were such a beautiful couple and everyone assumed we’d marry each other and god I wanted to be yours for the rest of my life but we just didnt’ work out and that’d be one thing but then I find out all these lies and just that everything for those years was a lie and why did you do that to me? why did you lie? why did you cheat? why did you sneak? why did you pretend? i doubt i will ever love someone the way i loved you and i fucking hate your guts for that. 

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David told me he can’t shake the feeling like we’re supposed to be together and I wish he’d stop and get over me because he’s going to fuck up a whole lot of friendships of his by trying to pursue me. I wish I liked him like I did when Panda and I broke up for that month.